Welcome to Mt Buller

Mt Buller - Victoria: skier in actionMount Buller provides more than 300 hectares of stunning terrain. It offers a range of challenges from gentle groomed slopes to remarkable off-piste tree runs, catering to visitors of all levels of ability and experience.

Skiing and Snowboarding
If you are a beginner you can discover the excitement and the magic of snow sports at Mount Buller, and for experienced skiers and snowboarders you can take on the steeper, more challenging slopes. The excellent skiing and snowboarding are of course the number one reason so many people choose to enjoy a  break at Mt Buller. The many varying degrees of difficulty that the different slopes provide mean that there is something for people at every skill level.

Beginner Level
The most famous area for beginners is Bourke Street. Once you have mastered your turns on this fairly easy yet fun beginner slope, you can progress to take the Holden Chairlift to Baldy. Those who are looking for a challenge can move to the top of Holden and follow the signs up to Spur, where you will discover the Burnt Hut Spur. For many Mt Buller Skiers, the green run is an all time favorite.

Mount Buller - snowboardingIntermediate Level
For intermediate boarders and skiers, Mount Buller offers a wide variety of groomed terrain. The most famous run, Little Buller Spur, offers a great skiing experience for all. It is a wide cruise slope which guides you to the Wombat chair. Give your legs a workout at Little Buller Spur.

Advanced Level
Mt Buller has a good range of advanced terrain providing varied challenges to exhilarate all expert skiers and boarders. On the south side of the ski area, a variety of advanced runs are situated that include the Bull Run and Wombat Bowls, the popular Federation and Wood Run.

Other famous alternatives that are worth checking out are Cow Camp, the Howqua Extension and McLaughlin’s Shoulder

Nordic Skiing
On your next visit, you can take up new challenges by learning telemark skiing. Telemark skiing may look easy but it is actually quite challenging. Everything you need to know about this exciting form of skiing can be discovered at the Mount Buller School.

Night Skiing
Night skiing and snowboarding are possible every Wednesday and Saturday between seven PM and ten PM under the stars on the Mount Buller’s Bourke Street Run, and this is an extremely popular pursuit for many visitors to this ski resort. Tickets for an exciting night of skiing can be purchased at Buller Sports.

All About Mount Buller
Are you looking for a fantastic new resort town to visit, which few have gone to before you? Let’s face it, we all need to get out of the city and away from our busy, hassle filled, work load. The noise, confusion, and general alienation of urban life takes its toll on all of us. Deadlines and more deadlines to meet, and plenty of people who just can’t seem to understand the virtues of patience and forbearance! Add to this the piles of threatening emails and other outside distractions, and it’s enough to drive the average person well around the bend!

Luckily, there is hope. There are still many places left on the earth where a man can go to get some much needed rest and relaxation. There are places you can go by yourself, or with the wife and even the kids, where you can all get away from the pressure of deadlines, cranky employers, and piles and piles of unanswered emails. Mount Buller, a small resort town located in Victoria, Australia, is such a place. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Mount Buller is a small town, located in Victoria, Australia. It lies about 200 kilometres east of Melbourne, and is nestled in the foot hills of -yes, you guessed it- Mount Buller, which stands about 1800 metres tall. The Mount Buller Alpine Resort, adjacent to the town itself, lies within an officially unincorporated wilderness region of the Australian province of Victoria.

The town of Mount Buller itself is part of the surrounding Shire of Mansfield. There’s no need to worry about getting lost in the middle of nowhere! Mount Buller is a bustling modern town, with all of the latest modern amenities and conveniences! So, you can still check your email for the latest deadlines and threats, even though you’d be best advised to leave the laptop at home. Above all, Mount Buller is a place to relax and breathe freely, away from all the hassle and hustle of modern urban existence.

It’s primarily a resort town, our Mount Buller, and its biggest attraction comes courtesy of its wide ranging regimen of snow and winter sports. Snow boarding, snow mobiling, and skiing are its chief claims to fame. There are, of course, many other activities one can engage in at Mt Buller, so don’t get the idea it’s only a winter themed resort. Far from it!

Mount Buller itself offers a wide range of possible activities and amusements, from the youngest toddler to the senior. On Mount Buller itself, you’ll discover that the adjacent ski lodge and resort area can offer you nearly 300 well kept hectares of mountain terrain to ski over to your heart’s content. You’ll find the resort area fully stocked with an amazing 22 ski lifts, which between them can accommodate 40,000 skiiers per hour!

Just think of it! It makes riding the ski lift an adventure in itself! Not to mention that you’ll be enjoying a panoramic view of some of the most beautiful, pristinely maintained, mountainous terrain that the region of the Southern Hemisphere has to offer! Mount Buller offers a variety of slopes, geared to the needs of beginning skiiers, as well as “average” and “expert” sports enthusiasts. So, can you get here fast enough to enjoy it?

Of course, you don’t need to be the world’s leading Olympic skiier to enjoy what Mount Buller has to offer. Here at the resort, a friendly, knowledgeable staff of teachers can instruct you on how best to enjoy this amazing sport. There are classes available for both beginners and intermediate skiiers, and even for children who are just beginning to learn! The same goes for snow boarding enthusiasts. If you’re wanting to learn, Mt. Buller Ski School is the place to do so, at your own pace, and from some of the best teachers in the world!

If you don’t fancy skiing the entire time, no worries! There are plenty of other activities to occupy your time and leisure, here at Mt. Buller. You can head into Mt. Buller village for a look around,and enjoy all of the sights and activities it can offer you, both day and night. It’s simply a magical place, especially in winter, but equally so in spring, summer, and fall! You can lose track of the time and all of your worldly cares in Mt. Buller village’s many hotels, night clubs, restaurants, lodges, and many, many tourist oriented shops and boutiques! You may end up spending more time in the village hob nobbing with the locals, and shopping ’til you drop, then on the slopes of Mt. Buller!

And, of course, if you’re not much of a winter enthusiast, and prefer to take your vacation during the spring or summer, there is still a host of recreational activities waiting for you at Mt. Buller and the surrounding Mt. Buller village. During the busy summer season, there is a huge concentration of interest in the mountain and its lakes, crevasses, and many hidden, shaded woods and wilderness areas. Mt. Buller and its surrounding area are the perfect places to go bush walking, or to arrange for a free ranging nature hike with guides.

Here at the many woodland and lake areas, you can go camping, fishing, walking, 4 wheel drive riding, or just pitch up a lawn chair at the shore, and drift off into peaceful slumber for the day. The area is clean, fresh, and free of pollutants and noise. It’s a tranquil resort area, and is purposely kept that way. Boating and fishing on Lake Eildon are a perfect way to spend the day if your idea of outdoor sport doesn’t really involve skiing or any sort of competitiveness.

So, there you have it. Mt Buller and its surrounding area will leave you breathless! You owe it to yourself to come on down and see for yourself! Leave that dirty old city behind for a few days and reacquaint yourself with the peace and tranquility of the natural world. It’s still here, patiently waiting for you!