Mt Buller has an excellent selection of accommodation to suit most budgets, ranging from basic hostel/backpackers type lodging right up to some stunning, more luxurious options.

When booking Mount Buller accommodation please be aware that some properties offer a Ski Guarantee, where your money is refunded if you cannot ski due to no snow – conditions do apply.

Featured Mt Buller Accommodation

Mount Buller accommodationAmber Lodge
102 Goal Post Road, Mt Buller, Victoria 3723
Telephone: 0417 791 961
A centrally-heated four bedroom, double story lodge, able to accommodate up to 21 guests.
accommodation at Mt BullerButtercup Cottage
271 Buttercup Road, Merrijig, Victoria 3723
Telephone: (03) 5777 5591
Cosy apartment and cottage accommodation conveniently located for skiing and wine country.
Mt Buller accommodation - Duck InnDuck Inn
Goal Post Road, Mt. Buller Alpine Village, Victoria
Telephone: (03) 5777 6326
A good variety of comfortable lodge and hotel accommodation, lounge bar, sauna, ski shop and more.
Mount Buller apartment accommodationElkhorn Apartments
70 Chamois Road, Mount Buller, Victoria 3723
Telephone: (03) 5777 6999
Situated close to the Chamois ski run, this luxurious apartment complex provides top rate accommodation.
Mount Buller hotelsHotel Pension Grimus
224 Breathtaker Road, Mount Buller, Victoria 3722
Telephone: (03) 5777 6396
This award-winning Hotel/Pension offers charming chalet style rooms and luxurious apartments in the heart of the village.

Mount Buller - places to stayCorio Ski Club
7 Delatite Lane, Mt Buller, Victoria
Telephone: 0425 848 534
Comfortable, family friendly accommodation for up to 20 guests, with good kitchen and dining facilities.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing day in front of a tranquil, mountain side, river or lake, or wanting to jump into the fray and fully embrace your competitive spirit via a full day’s snow boarding or skiing, you’ll need somewhere comfortable and convenient to lay your head down on a fluffy pillow at the end of the day. Accommodation at Mount Buller isn’t hard to come by, and there a wide range of locations, including hotels, motels, lodges, apartments, and camp grounds, to choose from. Whether you’re traveling alone on a restricted budget, or flying in with the family on a fully paid company vacation, there is always something for every kind of visitor to choose from at Mount Buller.

The Hotel Pension Grimus is an excellent example of luxury accommodation at Mount Buller. The Pension Grimus is located in an ideal spot, directly in the heart of Mount Buller village itself. The Pension Grimus can offer you an excellent, fully luxurious stay at Mount Buller village, complete with all the fully modern class of amenities and conveniences you’ve come to expect from other top notch world resorts.

Booking reservations at the Hotel Pension Grimus is truly a breeze. Its friendly and knowledgeable staff are on duty 24 hours a day to assist with such inquiries. And once you’re in Mount Buller for your stay at the Pension Grimus, you can count on continued prompt and attentive service with all your inquiries concerning your accommodations, reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, taxi and shuttle service, and all available current information about weather conditions up on Mount Buller itself.

The Pension is fully modern, and equipped with an on site restaurant, complete with an intimate cocktail lounge for after hours night caps. There is also a reading room, with free internet access, as well as a sauna and spa, and a locker room on site to store all of your expensive and valuable skiing and snow boarding gear. And the Day Spa, conveniently located directly next door, will satisfy your need to relax in a bubbly, warm, watery environment as you plot your next move up on the slope!

If you’d rather move up closer directly to Mount Buller itself, you might be better served by inquiring into the availability of lodgings provided by Alpine Holiday Rentals. This is a group of rental properties and resorts which includes a series of houses, lodges, and apartments, which are all fully modernized and stocked with all the latest amenities and conveniences a modern tourist has come to expect. You can choose from “off mountain” properties which are located in the shadow of Mount Buller, or “on mountain” properties which are situated either in the foothills, or further to the top, of the mountain itself. This latter category of rentals offers its visitors a particularly breath taking vista of wood land, lake, and mountain views, which are thrilling in their panoramic scope.

There is a selection of “Family” and “Executive” properties available at Alpine Holiday Rentals, which allows the renter to choose his preferred style of accommodation. You can choose from a small, one bedroom, fully equipped “apartment”. At the other end of the scale, you can book a business trip for your entire board of directors, all of whom can dine and rest comfortably at a full scaled, luxurious, “lodge” style house. Whichever style you choose, from off mountain to directly atop Mount Buller, you can be assured of being only minutes away from all the sights and attractions the area has to offer, from the ski slopes to the cafes, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants of nearby Mount Buller village.

If you’re a budget conscious traveler, maybe alone or with a small group of like minded friends, Buller Backpackers has the perfect solution for you! If you’re the type of bloke that prefers to spend his days hiking, fishing, and bush walking, rather than skiing or snow boarding, you don’t really need the luxury amenities of a full scale resort lodge. The Buller Backpacker can thus provide with you with simple, clean, and safe accommodation that won’t put you too close to the other tourists or force you to interact with them if the whole point of your trip to Mount Buller was really to get away from people in the first place!

The Buller Backpacker provides four-share rooms, which are stocked with clean, fresh, linen, which backpackers provides absolutely free of charge. The bathroom area is shared. However, it is kept completely clean and sanitary. There are currently no on site facilities for cooking or barbecuing. But visitors should note that the Backpackers complex is literally surrounded by all such amenities the village of Mount Buller has to offer. You can basically head off to the local pub for fish and chips, or to any nearby restaurant to dine as you wish, then return to your room for a nice night cap and a long, safe, happy snooze. Then, tomorrow, you can head right back out into the nearby woods for a full day’s fishing or hiking! Backpackers truly can put you in the heart of the wilderness, then whisk you back safely to civilization when day is done!

Finally, for those with more ambitious means and a family or corporate group or entourage in tow, the Hotel Enzian, located directly underneath the long, majestic shadow of Mount Buller itself, is a first class luxury resort hotel, truly in a class all its own. The Enzian Hotel is best thought of as a family or group resort, as its rooms and accommodations are designed for larger groups of people, rather than the solitary traveler. On site luxury amenities and conveniences include the free, unrestricted availability of hairdryers, toiletries, refrigerator, microwave, clock radio, and personal tea and coffee making machines.

It goes without saying that the above listed locations are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to securing accommodations for travelers of every size of budget. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a fisherman, or a woodsy wanderer at heart, the Mount Buller area truly can make itself a comfortable choice of vacation spot to everyone. Come on down and see for yourself what you’ve been missing!